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All About Me!

Designing with love.

Hey y’all hey! I’m Yolonda Jordan the hands and designer behind My Pretty Brown Doll where I specialize in brown dolls with Natural Hair inspired hairstyles and we celebrate the pretty in every shade of Brown. I crocheted my very first doll in 2013 and I named her “Patience” because I needed all the patience to finish her, but when she was done the response to her was so overwhelming that I knew I was on to something. I spent some time perfecting my own doll-making technique and after a lot of trial and error, My Pretty Brown Doll was born in 2015. To date, I have designed and made over 100 doll designs and sold over 1000 crochet doll patterns. I am also the author of the first crochet doll book with all African American dolls, My Pretty Brown Doll, Crochet Patterns For A Doll That Looks Like You released May 2022. 


When I’m not crocheting I love spending time with my family, especially my two sons who are 21 years apart! I'm also a huge sports fan. I live in rural NC but I love to travel as long as I can bring my yarn. 

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